factorONE Band

in the dungeons of a castle in the air

Picking crumbs from a pie in the sky

In the thick of it, loving every minute of it

Dying for more

Padraic Gilligan, factorONE Band

Padraic Gilligan

factorONE Band
factorONE Band
Andrew Basquille, factorONE Band

Andrew Basquille

factorONE Band
factorONE Band
Eugene Murphy, factorONE Band

Eugene Murphy

factorONE Band
factorONE Band

factorONE was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1982 by Andrew Basquille, Padraic Gilligan, Eugene Murphy.


The band's eponymous first release was recorded in Steve Gordon Studios in June 1983. It was engineered by Seamus Fitzgerald. Dedicated to Eddie.


factorONE's Second album, In The Dungeons (1985), featured Henry Battigelli on drums and Declan Keane on guitar. Dedicated to Gerry.


Their third album, Miracle Day (1993), was recorded at Drop In Studios, Windmill Lane by Steve McGrath the late and much missed Pat Stokes. Sal Solo contributed production to the track Miracle Day.


The fourth and latest album recorded by factorONE is Milestones and it was released in 2008.


factorONE's live highlights include festivals in Rome 1980 and 1985, Taormina in 1987, Ragusa in 1989, Germany in 1993.


Following their success of their appearance on RTE's The Hit in 2013, factorONE reformed for a re-union concert in the summer of 2015 and performed in Unitarian Church in Dublin.


In November of 2016, Andrew & Padraic flew to Nashville to record factorONE's new EP, Timeless Gifts, and launched the four new tracks at a gig in Dublin Unitarian Church on the 3rd of December 2016.


Former members of factorONE include Michael McDonnell RIP and Jim Stynes, RIP.